Woocommerce Anti Fraud

Fraudulent transactions cost the eCommerce industry $19 billion per year and that number is skyrocketing. When an online shop has been victimized by fraud, it’s important to take action quickly so you can (a) ensure your customers aren’t impacted and (b) minimize hassle for yourself as owner of this business.

WooCommerce Anti-Fraud is a powerful tool that provides the ability to scan and score each completed transaction made via your online store, giving you peace of mind knowing where all potential fraud takes place.

This WooCommerce plugin is ideal for store-owners who want to:

  • Automatically block or pause fraudulent orders.
  • Easily view risks and warnings associated with each order
  • Receive notifications when a fraudulent or unsafe order is placed.
  • Reduce store management time by easily filtering out illegitimate orders.
  • Integrate minFraud® services by MaxMind on their online store. 

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