Adelaida is a new PSD template of the high-end quality for your next blogging project. It combines essential UI elements, modern appearance, and elegant design which would be the perfect fit for so many websites: lifestyle, traveling, fashion and hand-made blogs. Crazy attention to the details, beautiful typography and other features make Adelaida a wonderful choice.

Included layouts:

  • 2 versions of Home page;
  • 3 versions of Article page;
  • Categories page;
  • Search page;
  • About page;
  • Contacts;
  • 404 Page;
  • Various UI elements (errors, notifications, Widgets and more);
  • Email digest of the latest publications.


  • Included responsive templates for the key pages (4 layouts pre each);
  • Top-level design;
  • Additional UI elements and thoughtful logical structure.