Fixer is an excellent choice for promoting your trade and building trust in your brand – whether you’re the butcher, the baker, or the candlestick maker.

Colorful One-Page Layout

Show off your business on a single, scrollable page and choose colors that fit your brand.

Add as many or as few sections as you need for your services, and promote your work with fetching photography and eye-catching calls to action.

Wall-to-Wall Mega Slider

You won’t be able to look away from the wall-to-wall mega slider, which makes full use of Fixer’s responsive design.

The built-in action buttons will quickly direct users to specific areas of your site.

Fantastically Flat Features

Bold blocky design extends to a sortable gallery and custom page templates for your portfolio, blog, about and contact pages.

Fixer’s clear “Get a Quote” template will have you winning over new clients in no time.