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Ithemes security plugin WordPress Plugin Every website owner should be aware of the importance of having a strong enough security strategy for their website. Numerous amounts of website fall a prey to hackers because of the weak security every day. The WordPress websites are especially considered to be most vulnerable to such attacks. WordPress powers over 25% websites on the web so it is becoming an easy target for hackers.

IThemes Security Pro WordPress Plugin claims to be the best in the business. The most powerful security plugin that you can apply to your WordPress based websites. Ithemes Security Pro’s claim to be the best is not just mere words. They have proven themselves to be worthy of this claim. It comes with over 30 security features which you can use to t maximize the security of your website.

IThemes Security Pro WordPress Plugin allows you to limit the number of login attempts in case a user is trying to know someone else’s password. That user will be locked out. If someone manages to get into your website without authorization, if he tries to change a file, an email notification would be sent to you about the breach. You can set up the database backup schedule. This backup will be sent to you via email. You can also lock out the users who do repeat failed login attempts. These features are just a small picture of what Ithemes Security Pro is capable of.

The key thing about ithemes security plugin is ithemes security pro free download is extremely easy to apply. You don’t have to be a security professional in order to understand it. The user interface is quite intuitive which makes ithemes security pro free download easier to protect your websites from hackers. Make sure to maximize the security of your website with WordPress IThemes security plugin.


  • Database Backup
  • WordPress Brute Force Protection
  • Error 404 Detection
  • Strong Password Enforcement
  • File Change Detection Notification
  • Email Notifications

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